My Story


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My Story Comes In 3 Categories:


1. Biblical


Bible - 01

I remember loving the Bible early in my grade school years and desiring to give Bible studies (and later, that I would produce) around my baptism around 12 or 13 years of age.


Also, during my Freshman year of academy (15 yr. old), I decided to read the Bible and the Gift of Prophecy each day: the Bible 1st and the Gift of Prophecy afterwards.


To date (some 30 + years later), I’ve read:

  • The Bible:
    • Through 20 times
    • In 15 translations
    • In 3 paraphrases
  • The Gift of Prophecy:
    • 65 books cover-to-cover (as soon as I complete 2 more of Ellen White’s books.
    • My goal is to read everything Mrs. White has written in my lifetime


So what you see on this website is drawn from the past 30 + years of study.


Additionally, here are 2 other areas that have shaped my walk with God in my life to date:

  • When I was 15 yrs. old, I took a Biblical question to my granddad (my mother’s dad), and he did the best thing for me. He said, “Jimmy, Take these Bible verses and Ellen White quotations; study these; and then come back and tell me what you think.” To this day, I own that truths I had to dig for answers to. And this is the approach I will take with you (Acts 17:11).
  • When I was in grade school, a theological question went through our church that took many pastors and members from the truth (one family was a personal friend of our family when I was in grade school). So I can recall, as if it were yesterday, that I resolved in my young, grade-school heart, that if ever I met with falsehoods in the future, I would stand in defense of the truths found in God’s Word. And the best defense is an active offense. Therefore, the truths in this website are designed with all this in mind. May God draw you to Himself and the truths in His Word so you can stand when the majority fall.


2. Prophetic

Daniel 2

I love studying and sharing the beautiful truths in God’s Word regarding prophecy, especially those in Daniel and Revelation.  And I love explaining the prophecies in a Christ-centered fashion modeled around:

  • Christ’s character and
  • His Heavenly Sanctuary of Strength above.


3. Financial:


I’m the 2nd of 6 children, and with a large family, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to college. So I paid my own way – which was a good thing.


Since money was tight, I began a budget to keep track of my expenses while in college. I still have this first budget book to this day, and it’s humorous to see the few expenses I had back then as well as the less expense of yesteryear.


Anyway, heres how this connects to my life work and this website. I began college to become a pastor, but in my 1st semester of my sophomore year, I realized the pulpit was not the only place I could serve my loving Lord and Savior.


So to make a long story short, after receiving a 2 year degree in Architecture with minors in Religion and Business, I knew, Architecture was not the professional path for me either.


So I thought, “What would be the best profession that maximizes all my God-given talents for my God and His people worldwide?” And the answer came, why not take the budgeting skills you developed in college and help others achieve financial success in their lives also. And that’s just what I did. So to date, I have 4 lessons in my Financial Freedom tab to help you succeed financially also from God’s point of view.


Country Living
Mountain - 2

In 2008, my wife and I heard the call to move to the country since it is there God’s people will find it the ideal place to:

  • Maximum time with family
  • Develop Christ’s awesome and appealing character,
  • Evangelize the world for Christ, and
  • Be prepared for:
    • Christ’s soon coming and
    • The events to occur just prior to His soon return.


As of today, we have not yet found our country home, but we are actively looking and God will open the doors to that place in His own time and way.


Anyway, on the Country Living tab on this website you will find websites and other resources to help you, your family, and loved ones locate your / their country home to enjoy the same 4 benefits above.


So return frequently to this website as I will be updating this site as I find more material that will help maximize your Country Living experience.



My Goal


My Goal in this website is to provide you a clearinghouse of practical, Christ-Centered Resources (my own and others: websites, etc.) that Maximize:

  • Daily Living and
  • Preparation for:
    • Last Day Events
    • Including Christ’s Second Coming


Do return frequently as I will be updating material covering these 5 areas:

  1. Assurance & the Plan of Salvation
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Prophecy
  4. Biblical Items
  5. Country Living material


May God richly bless you as you apply the material on this website to your life!


Your friend in Christ,

Jimmy France